ATLambLogoTHIS is a website under development for the Anabaptist Theology Forum, a group that has been meeting for many years in the English Midlands.

In recent times we have been meeting twice a year, over a 27 hour residential period, at Offa House, the retreat centre near Leamington Spa. Sadly, this centre has recently closed and we are looking to relocate.

Customarily the group has been between 10 and 16 people each time, with some variation on each occasion.

We gather under the broad auspices of the Anabaptist Network, and we are open to people in England, Scotland, Wales, both jurisdictions of Ireland and beyond.

We have one regular member who comes from Germany, and have enjoyed the involvement of North American friends.

Our mailing list, compiled by invitation, is rather larger. It comprises people who regard themselves as Anabaptists or who belong to Anabaptist-style congregations, as well as those who see themselves as ‘fellow travellers’ from other traditions and backgrounds!

A meeting is being mooted for December 2013, but details have not been finalised yet. Watch this space! 

When we meet we receive (and participate in discussion around) papers and presentations on a range of themes: Anabaptist identity, mission, theology, spirituality and history; peace and justice concerns; issues concerned with the emergence of post-Christendom; religious, social, political and cultural topics of interest to Anabaptist-leaning Christians.

The current coordinators of the Anabaptist Theology Forum are Simon Barrow and Linda Wilson. We have operated to date on an entirely self-organising and self-funding basis.

Many distinguished speakers and people have passed in and out of the group – all of whom would balk at being called ‘distinguished’, because that’s the kind of people they are!

Alan and Eleanour Kreider, Brian Haymes, Stuart Murray, Chris Rowland, Ruth Gouldbourne and many others have journeyed with us… and still do.

A goodly number of books and articles have emerged from members of the Group over the years, too. We will be linking and excerpting some of these in due course.

Some core Anabaptist convictions can be read here.

The aim of this site is to be able to curate and communicate information about the work of the group, and to attract new members.

We have had a (not very active) Facebook page, and we will probably renew this – since the form and settings have been changed by Facebook since we established it.

More information to follow!


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